SunShine Pre & Art School

In the primary school, we have specialist teachers of art, music, dance.

SunShine Entertainment

Many activities that appeal to them such as puppets, clowns, pantomimes and cartoons.

SunShine Event & Advertisor

Event Advertisement is aimed at teaching children in particular to understand and use the media to their advantage.




Sunshine Entertainment came to existence to bring the best from any event managment comapnay and to present out-of-box entertainment by the artists and celebrities of Bollywood, Hollywood, International and also local talent in front of the peoples.  We supports local artists and help them to launch their careers in the competitive world of event and entertainment. we are among there entertainment companies where respected by our clients and contributing to our peoples and community.

Holding different activities by Sunshine Entertainment discovers and filters local talent in several artistic fields. We aim to select the most outstanding individuals and groups to work with providing their management,commercial booking, PR and promotion to be the best in the events management companies list.